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johnny_icons's Journal

Shame About Raisins
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for LJ icons focusing on the actor Johnny Depp. All graphics related to Johnny Depp are welcome in this community. Simply make sure to follow the rules below.

Community Rules: (Sorry. It has to be done.)
1. If posting more than three icons, the rest should go under a cut. If posting anything other than icons, they should go behind a cut.
2. If a graphic contains harsh content or profanity, post a warning and post the graphic under a cut.
3. Please keep all topics on post. All graphics should be Johnny related. Requests are allowed, but once again only for things that are Johnny related.
4. Do not post graphics that you did not make. All graphics posted should be your original work.
5. No flaming. No trolling. It's all one in the same and it is not allowed. I don't want fighting in this community.
6. Do not promote your communities here. That means if your post does not have a johhny graphic in it, it is not allowed.
7. Follow everyone's personal rules. People put time and effort into their work. The least you can do is follow their rules for their generosity.
8. Comment if taking anything. People like to know their work is liked and where it is going.
9. No hotlinking. Do not steal bandwidth. It is wrong. There are places that offer free image hosting.

I maintain the right to delete any post that I deem irrelevant to the community or that breaks the rules without mention to the user of the post. In most cases, if a rule is broken, I will leave a comment asking the user to fix the post. If the problem goes unfixed, the post will be deleted.


This community was originally created by orlibee but is now maintained by ragingquietly.